What is C programming language and why we use it?

What is C Programming language

Today we will learn what is C programming, how to learn? Who invented the C programming language? What is the history of C programming? Features of the C programming language Also, Why Learning C is Important? As we know that C programming language is known as a fairly old programming language, it is a Structured Programming Language. With the help of this programming language, they are operated by writing programs for computers or other machines. Today, all the advanced programming languages ​​such as Java, .NET, PHP, Visual Basic, JavaScript, etc. are based on all “C programming languages”. So if you teach C programming language then you will be much easier to learn other programming languages.


Even today, C programming language is used to create system software and application software. C programming was also used to create Windows Operating System, Linux Operating System, and Unix Operating System. Before learning C programming, your computer should have Turbo C ++ installed. This is a compiler of C ++ or C, it is a type of translator who works to convert the source code into an object code, in simple terms, the error in the program by the compiler, Is checked.

History of C Programming

In the 1960’s, Cambridge University invented a programming language, which was named B programming language (BCPL). But there was some flaw in it, but B programming language was an open source project, and Computer Scientific Danish Ritchie made a lot of improvements and changes, and the modified version of the ‘B’ programming language was ” C programming language “. Therefore, Dennis Ritchie. Is considered to be the creator of programming language “C”. C programming language was invented in Bell Laboratories in 1972 by Dennis Ritchie and his team. The main purpose of amending the ‘B’ programming language was to create a UNIX operating system.


Features of C Programming.

  • In the C programming language, lower case letters are used to give commands.
  • The speed of the execution of programs in the C programming language is intense.
  • The main feature of the C programming language is that it has the highest level of the high-level programming language as well as the low-level programming language.
  • C programming language is a programming language that can be used both software and application software.
  • Mostly computer software such as everyday applications, music players, video editors, animation software, games etc. are created using C programming language, because programs made from C programming are executed very quickly.
  • C programming language has been written in the assembly language
  • C programming language is very easy to learn because it is in simple English language.

Basic Concepts of C Programming

  • Basic Syntax— C is a Structured Programming Language, which works on the top to bottom. In simple words, until the top clear is not allowed, it can not come to the bottom. The basic syntax for C programming is as follows: – Header, Body and Code (Statements). A basic program is formed in conjunction with these three things.
  • Functions— A large C program is divided into a basic building block called C function. Because during programming, there are some statements that collectively do any task, in fact, the collection of these functions creates a C program.
  • Variables— Variable is the name of a memory space, which we use to store any value in our program.
  • Data types— In C programming, Data Types defines the type of variable define and function definitions.
  • Constant— Constants are called variables, whose values do not change in the time the execution of the whole program.
  • Operators— An operator is a symbol that tells the compiler that there is a mathematical function or logical function in this place.
  • Loops— There is a lot of time when doing programming is required to run any line or run some lines in the code, in such cases we use loops, it is also a There is kind of programming statement.
  • Array— We use Array to store a lot of information in a single data type, this is a data type.
  • Pointers— In C programming, the pointers are a variable that stores the address of another variable.
  • Strings— In C programming, Array of Character is called strings and it ends with String Null Character (\ 0).


C “Hello, World!” Program

The Hello World program is first created in C programming because it is the easiest program.
  1. Download Turbo C / C ++.
  2. Download and install Turbo C / C ++ on your computer.
  3. Open that application and paste it on your compiler by copying C Hello World’s program.
  4. Run it after compiling, if your program compiles correctly, your code will run.
  5. Then a black screen will open in front of you and on it Hello, World! Will be written.

Source Code :

Output :

Why is C Programming Important?

Friends, today many advanced programming languages ​​have been invented and continuously, but the C programming language is still taught in almost every college university, whether you are B.Tech, BE, MCA, BCA, B.Sc. IT, etc., do technical courses, yet it is compulsory to read C programming language as after learning a C programming language it becomes easy to learn any other programming language. You have already read the features of C programming above, if you were to create a program in C programming, to compile and to run properly, then the C programming language was used by the operating system development (Operating System Development, Database System, Device Drivers, Graphics Package, Word Processor, etc.

Dear readers, I hope you know what our C programming is, how? But this post would have liked a lot. If you like this post, then share it with your friends. We have coded that the complete information of “C programming, how to learn?” Can be described in an easy and detailed form. If you have any confusion please comment below, you will immediately be given accurate and accurate information related to the topic you want. If you want to contact us or have any suggestions please contact us. We welcome your suggestion, click here to view our YouTube channel.


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